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Service Operations Mavens

Our 25 years of on-the-court experience in both the private and corporate environment delivering countless successful initiatives in the area of project, program and performance management, service delivery, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction management, gets applied towards the implementation of a conscious, dynamic and agile solution that harness the best of your team's unique skills and abilities, and organizes them in a structured way to deliver the desired result. Our tenure with an emphasis is on developing long-standing mutually beneficial relationships in addition to our passion for emerging business ideas give us a unique advantage in serving our clients to take the value prop of your business to the next level.

Conscious Connectors

Conscia has been a student of this emerging landscape for the last 5 years and has established relationships with several leading innovators. As an early adopter of this movement, and as active Board Member of the Bay Area Chapter of Conscious Capitalism, Conscia has forged deep relation... more>

We work with a carefully selected set of consulting engagements, so we're very focused in finding 'right-fit' clients. In our discovery we focus on finding the right leader and opportunity to add our value in the most effective way.

In our engagements we're committed to...

  • Increase performance for greater outcomes
  • Create innovative solutions that help more people
  • Deliver measurable, sustainable (and profitable) results
  • Express your purpose so you can make your desired impact in the world; and
  • Maximize value for employees, customers, and everyone the business touches

Our Committment to You

The business term is “Consulting”

We see it as “Facilitating Clarity”

Purpose Exploration & Discovery

Though clear vision, articulation of purpose and desire to make their unique personal and organizational difference, business leaders are more able to positively influence their organization, evolve their company culture inside of a shared vision allowing for new levels of employee engagement, customer advocacy, efficiency and yes, profitability.                                                      more>

The P‍‍‍ower of Perspective

Conscious Business Catalysts

At Conscia, we love being champions and ambassadors for the movements that are forwarding evolutionary thinking in business, showing the way and providing the evidence that this is not just an idea or a fad, that this is the future of how humankind will collaborate together for the greater...        more>

Heart-Based Facilitation

As conscious facilitators, we can come into an environment and quickly assess what skills, talents and abilities exist and start to repurpose those and get them all collaboratively involved in the restructure. Heart-based facilitation is a unique skill-set. Most facilitators approach this vital element from an academic perspective, as opposed to engaging with each individual from the heart, bringing out the best in their unique gifts, creating a safe space where people are heard & honored, where ideas are well received and appreciated and the opportunity for compounded collaboration towards the common goal are a natural byproduct and expression of the process.

Consulting Services Overview

You‍‍‍'ve worked really hard building your company, you've hired the best talent, you've put the resources and your blood sweat and tears behind it, but somehow you're team's not operating at the level that you know is possible. We help you to harness and integrate the best of your team's unique skills and abilities, and organizes them in a structured way to help you reach your goals.

"It's unique, I've never seen anyone operate at the frequency that Steve does." – Jeffrey Watts - Watts Consulting

Q: How can you learn to implement high performance practices and conscious business principles in your business environment? How does it apply to your unique organizational culture and address your challenges?

That’s the incredible opportunity for us to explore together. Let us help you to activate your team's engagement and maximize your impact.

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery or Coaching Session

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery or Coaching Session

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery or Coaching Session

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