Purpose Clarity Facilitators

The grand opportunity we all have in front of us is to do the work to pull our inspired expression of Purpose into our present, so that the rest of our life can be viewed, and engaged, with through this lens to make our unique impact in the world.      

Dare to dream it

So you can create it

“I have utilized many coaches over my 20+ year career with some well-known names in that mix. But never have I experienced the power of a coach like I have with coach Steve. What separates Steve from other coaches is his unique ability to bridge a personal connection with the inner you. Only we know what truly holds us back but many times are too scared or too proud to admit it. Steve will pull it out of you and bring it into the open and then spend time going to work on how you can improve those areas and and truly create the best version of you possible. I am truly indebted to his time his experience and his genuine sense of purpose to help me be a better man, for my wife for my family and for my business.”

- Ed Doughty, CFP®

Managing Director - Epic Capital

Champions on Your Conscious Adventure

Conscia Ventures provides specialized coaching and consulting services to support you in living, working and playing more consciously and with a more profound sense of purpose, meaning and impact. Our primary role is as a facilitator, or “venture catalyst” in you crafting your roadmap in life and engaging in a compelling vision for your conscious adventure.

High Performance Coaching TM

This comprehensive curriculum takes life coaching to the next level; a coaching-training hybrid, where you'll know specifically the 5 key areas that you'll have profound outcomes, and they're directly correlated to the most important areas of your life.

Targeted Strategic Coaching

Having a Coach, as a committed Champion in your corner that can provide you with an outside perspective on what matters most to you is what can allow you to accelerate your impact beyond where you've been able to get on your own.

Hello. We‘re Conscia Ventures.

We help you harness and integrate conscious principles and high performance practices to discover and express your higher purpose and make your unique impact.

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Conscious Business Catalysts

We believe the most powerful way to maximize both efficiency and profitability is by honoring the value of human equity, leading with heart and integrating conscious business principles and practices to create a positive impact in the world.

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