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Purpose Discovery & Activation

The grand opportunity we all have in front of us is to do the work to discover and articulate our life purpose, then to deliberately pull our inspired expression of Purpose into our present, in all aspects of our life so that the rest of our life can be viewed in context of, and engaged in, through this lens to make our unique impact in the world.      

Leadership Skills to Thrive in the New World

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Conscia Ventures provides specialized leadership coaching and conscious business consulting services to support you in living, working and playing more consciously and with a more profound sense of purpose, meaning and impact.

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Conscious Business Activation

Today’s leaders are quickly realizing that the skills that got them to where they are are losing their impact. There's a new set of required skills, a more human approach to business required to thrive in the new economy. It requires that we challenge conventional business approaches and tap into leading edge principles and best practices; A mission driven focus, a people-centered orientation, heart-based leadership and the ability to co-create strong, vibrant and resilient cultures with shared accountability where people can truly unleash their individual and collective genius.

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The Resilience Advantage TM

Leading in today’s fast changing world requires that we tap into the more subtle and connected aspects of our humanity. The Resilience Advantage program provides access to amplify our deep and deeper human capability in how we serve, activating the power of personal presence and accessing individual and team genius by tapping into personal and group intuition and the power of collective intelligence to bring the best of our heart and mind together to create an optimal state that science calls coherence.

Performance On Purpose TM

Purpose is an extraordinary lever in activating performance. While there's much focus on being a purpose driven leader, the greatest opportunity leaders face is to integrate their purpose into all aspects of how they show up each day. We provide a structured curriculum that connects leaders deeply to their purpose and taps into the key drivers of performance. This activates aspects of psychology, physiology, influence and persuasion, productivity and personal presence to help leaders and teams bring their purpose from the sky to the street.

Lead with Heart