At Conscia, we are master facilitators in helping you, and your company in the clarification, articulation, expression and declaration of your unique purpose.

What Does it Mean to Live On Purpose?

Living on Purpose is such a misunderstood concept, and one of the ‘fuzziest’ ideas that we face as human beings. There’s no scientific basis for what "purpose” is. We say, it’s our highest, most authentic and natural expression.

A huge component is demystifying the process. We do that by guiding you through a step-by-step exploration framework to go through the discovery of how you craft and articulate it, not just as a declaration or a statement for the wall, but as a context for your life and/or business; as a way that you can use it as your internal GPS system for all decisions, opportunities and next actions.

So many of us put this meaningful conversation and deep inquiry off until the later years of our life, thinking will get around to it when we have "more free time." The grand opportunity we have in front of us is to pull it into our present and identify it clearly now, so that the rest of our life can be engaged in through the lens of our desired purposeful expression and intended impact.

We're Your Purpose De-Mystification Specialists

Live, Work, Play, On Purpose

Helping people and organizations become more conscious in how they can Live, Work and Play, On Purpose and create an inspired vision and mission around your declared purpose, is the needle moving activity, both personally and professionally.

Purpose Exploration & Discovery

Being catalysts and facilitators of exploring, defining and articulating individual and organizational Purpose is a big part of our work at Conscia.

Having a crystal clear sense of our unique purpose serves us in our lives, and in businesses, as an incredible decision filter for what actions to take, what opportunities to engage in, how we can best serve, and in identifying what steps to take that will keep us on our conscious journey, to make our impact.

The purpose of any individual or organization is, or can be, an evolutionary process and the techniques and framework that you learn will be applicable for a lifetime, as you continue to evolve, grow and creatively express yourself.

Are You Living On Purpose?

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