- Vaclav Havel

Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture.

It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.

On our consciously directed journey, we focus on creating deeper, more meaningful relationships and focus on enhanced connection and collaboration with others, based on self-awareness, authentic expression and interconnectedness. We assist and empower you with world-class high performance tools and practices as well as conscious principles and methodologies that apply to both life and business, to become much more efficient and productive in delivering the results that matter most to you as an individual, or in your organization.

Who We Are @ Conscia Ventures

We are your trusted guides in creating a clear and compelling vision and roadmap of your conscious adventure. Our role is to be a ‘venture catalyst’ for you in that sacred discovery process of identifying your unique gifts, talents, hidden passions and abilities (your 'sweet spot') so you can consciously ‘aim’ them towards creating a life and career that you're truly 'on-fire' about jumping out of bed everyday for.

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We make our impact through our world-class individual and group coaching programs, online educational content and resonant consulting engagements. In doing so, we provide you with the frameworks, tools, methodologies and learning models that you can apply and utilize, both in your business and in your daily life.

Our 25+ years of on-the-court experience in both personal growth and in business, ranging from small business and entrepreneurship to being key contributors at multi billion dollar, multinational organizations, provide us with the unique perspective to support you in creating a comprehensive and holistic approach to generate massive value and deliver on your declared purpose and positive impact.

Steve Havill

Founder & CEO

Previous Board President, San Francisco

Coach, Consultant and Venture Catalyst

PMI-ACP® Agile Certified Practitioner

Steve Havill, Founder & CEO of Conscia Ventures

I am a change agent, coach, consultant and champion of the human spirit. I serve entrepreneurs, business leaders, and organizations in clarifying and expressing their unique purpose and creating high leverage, high impact results that increase performance and deliver sustainable, meaningful and profitable results in business and in life.

Through integrating best practices in personal development, agile thinking, self management and organization, in our personal lives and in our businesses, combined with a world-class model and curriculum for sustainable high performance we provide a unique collection of transformational skills to help you be more inspired and on-purpose.

My unique journey in seeing the very best and worst of business has gifted me with a passion for honoring the value of human equity and has left me with a robust combination of life leadership skills, including; Certified High Performance Coaching (CHPC), cross-functional management (people and projects), Agile (PMI-ACP), Holacracy (HCP), affording me a special talent in 'seeing the field' to facilitate conscious business solutions and serve individuals and organizations on a consciously directed growth path to explore, articulate and express their Purpose.

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Conscia’s Mission is to help you Live, Work and Play, On Purpose

We serve entrepreneurs, change agents, and leaders in expressing their unique purpose and creating high leverage, high impact results.

Certified Heart Math Coach & Trainer

CHPC - Certified High Performance Coach

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noun: venture; plural noun: ventures

1.   a bold and courageous mission, adventure, or journey

2.   a passionate and purposeful pursuit of meaning or significance

3.   a conscious business enterprise that creates massive positive impact