Best investment I've ever made in myself. I feel more confident and empowered in my voice, my influence and my self-expression. I've known in my heart my purpose here on the planet, but crafting the exact words into this statement has guided me into a much more action-oriented purpose that has already carried into my relationships and my ideas about my work. I am ultimately accountable to myself for following through, but Steve inspires me to be the best version of myself with his playful, positive encouragement!

Thank you so much, Steve!

- Catherine Gregory
Founder, Fertile Being Healing Arts

Working with Steve has helped me identify limiting beliefs I held about myself as well as how to overcome them helping me reach higher levels of my potential. He truly is inspiring in that he lives his message of sharing the love, keeping it real, and living the dream. He is authentic, loving and at the same time has gotten me positively disrupted when it was necessary in order for me to push past my comfort zone and take on new challenges. He is always honoring of where I’m at in my process and I feel he is a confidant that I can share openly and truthfully with. He's masterfully guided me through higher levels of performance in my life and given me incredible tools and strategies that have given me an edge I felt I was lacking. Without a doubt I am further along on my path because of his coaching. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to step into and embody his or her next best version.

- Nathan Smith
Embodiment & Performance Coach & Yoga Instructor

"I've got you." Doesn't it feel good to hear that from someone? It's great to know they are truly invested in your success and that they genuinely care about you. That's what coaching with Steve is like. From the get go you know that "he's got you." Steve's upbeat demeanor makes every coaching session fun. His ability to ask questions that are always challenging, but never threatening creates a safe space for reflection and tremendous growth!

- Glenn Meier
Conscious Business Lawyer

Steve’s coaching is a game changer. I’ve invested significant time, money, and energy in learning how to think (and do) things better… so I can help more people, rock my business, and live my life full on. Steve helped me take everything I've learned to a whole other level. And then he taught me so much more...  Everything I learned from him was (and still is) applicable, actionable, and has already improved every single aspect of my business and my life. I’m thinking, communicating, creating, implementing, and serving like never before. Less friction and more fun.

Thanks Steve!

- Ben Gioia
International Speaker and Coach
Author of
Marketing With A Heart (#1 Best Seller)

I have utilized many coaches over my 20+ year career with some well-known names in that mix. But never have I experienced the power of a coach like I have with coach Steve. What separates Steve from other coaches is his unique ability to bridge a personal connection with the inner you. Only we know what truly holds us back but many times are too scared or too proud to admit it. Steve will pull it out of you and bring it into the open and then spend time going to work on how you can improve those areas and and truly create the best version of you possible. I am truly indebted to his time his experience and his genuine sense of purpose to help me be a better man, for my wife for my family and for my business.

- Ed Doughty, CFP®
Managing Director, Epic Capital

I've known Steve Havill for several years and have always known he is a natural born leader. Before our coaching session, I had been doing some coaching with a leading coaching organization and was thinking that I was already on top of things in my life however, Steve had touched on areas in my life and career that he instinctively knew I needed to discuss. His ability to dig deep and give guidance on levels that I didn’t realize I needed amazed me. After our call, I am left uplifted, empowered and have an action plan to move my career and financial path even further to my dreams. Thank you Steve from the bottom of my heart. You are truly a special soul.

With love and gratitude,

- Anita Haque, DC
Chiropractor and Health Educator

Steve’s coaching has been incredibly powerful in giving me the clarity and the push I need to move forward in my business and reach my goals. Together we dug deep to figure out what was holding me back the most. We brought those things to the surface and Steve broke them down into manageable tasks that I could accomplish quickly and get one step closer to reaching my goals. I was stuck in the stressful world of having so much to do but not knowing what to do first. Working with Steve turned that stress into clarity, focus, and results, and I am very grateful for his work.

- Kamie Valenza
Financial Advisor &

Steve is a guide, catalyst , mentor and  translator. He created for me a space to look inside, genuinely acknowledging how I see myself  internally and externally moving through this world . Then in a surprisingly quick and potent time frame he offered me pathways to walk in strengthening my true self. Everything from the session forward is applicable, actionable and grounded.  I believe Steve helps us to bring into practical reality our truest selves in purposeful ways that are effective, rewarding, connected and sustainable.  

Thank you ever so much Steve!

- Minda McGonangle
Government Relations, Conscious Lobbyist

I sensed Steve's unquestionable commitment to his clients in the first ten minutes of our initial session. He probed deeply to understand my individual needs and was agile to respond and flex to provide a coaching experience that was tailor made. His authenticity and warmth created an environment where I was able to feel immediately comfortable, allowing me to step into a place of vulnerability and truly do important professional and personal work without hesitation. Steve's intuition and insight have been an incredible gift in my life.  Our partnership has been the best personal investment I've made in myself in well over a decade.

- Jess Peabody

Community Director, Conscious Capitalism International

Our coaching session focused on presentation and connection made a world of difference for me. As a result, I connected more deeply with my audience and received excellent feedback. I wanted to make the message to really land with audience members and your coaching helped make that a reality.  

Thank you so much!

- Jenny Martin
President, Conscious Capitalism, Seattle Chapter

Steve helped me become self-aware and realize that my communications and interactions reflected my own interests as opposed to my concern for them and their interests. In other words, he reminded me that people care first about how much you care for them, before they care how much you know. As an entrepreneur, this was a huge revelation for me and I am now working to change my approach, every single day. I am extremely grateful to Steve for this big discovery. I also admire his selfless approach to helping others.

- Sushil Jha

Founder and CEO QuantFarm

Working with Steve has been SUCH a treat. Even from a few coaching session, I've had some huge breakthroughs. Steve is very intuitive and knows where to take the conversation to fully support you in what's actually needed at the time, not just what you think is needed. I love that working with Steve is multi-dimensional, just as we are as humans, it's not purely business, or just spiritual, or just personal, it really encompasses all aspects  of our lives to make a truly holistic approach at growth and progress. I would highly, highly, highly recommend anyone to work with Steve to get to the next level of where you are trying to go. I know Steve will offer the best of himself, serving with professionalism, intuition, and heart.

- Luz C. Gonzalez

C0 Founder, Konviv

I‘ve always been skeptical of Executive Coaching. I felt it highly unlikely that anyone but a truly extraordinary person, completely dedicated to my success could ever be of help to me, in pursuing a life of greater meaning, success and transformation. Steve Havill has proven me correct.

He is indeed an extraordinary person and has helped me make great progress towards my dreams. He is completely committed to me and my vision for life. His insight, support, accountability and encouragement have had a profound impact on my journey.

- Frank Connolly
CEO & Founder, LumenFarm

Coach Steve is the most honest, genuine and connected coaches I have worked with. He holds space and allows you to transform in your own unique way without pressure or strong structure. Rather he works with positive reinforcement, meaningful challenges and supportive feedback to guide you on your personal journey. I am honored and very grateful for our collaboration and partnership personally, and how it's evolving my company Made2Gather.

- Lee David
Conscious Cooking Chef & Gathering Activist


My journey with Steve Havill started with the recognition that who he is being was not an accident.  He is a heart-based leader that has walked his own journey to learn his life's purpose and use that purpose to help others with a process to find and amply their purpose while teaching key attributes of highly successful people.  I thought that I understood my purpose but my work with Steve helped me become very specific and hone that purpose in several layers. The result is a filter or compass that helps guide my interactions and my life's work.  Thank you, Steve for the caring, generous, open and heartfelt way you push me to be a better version of myself and to be the authentic heart-based badass that I truly am.

- Ron Hill
Chief Enrichment Officer, Redemption Plus

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